Upcoming Events

March 14th, 2018 6:30pm

Come meet with trained attorneys who will provide you with one-on-one assistance with the name and gender change process.

TransLAW is thrilled to have collaborated with Whitman-Walker Heath in establishing the the Name and Gender Change Clinic in 2012.

The clinic is free and consists of  trained attorneys meeting one-on-one with clients on a walk-in basis to provide assistance with the name and gender change processes, including obtaining court orders, changing drivers’ licenses, passports, birth certificates, and other identity documents and public records.  We also help clients to collect needed letters from medical providers and to seek waivers of court fees and other fees, where possible.  Since TransLAW's founding, we have been able to help every client that needed financial assistance with court fees and other fees to get new ID documents. Don't let lack of funds stop you from updating your documents! 

The monthly clinics are by appointment only. Interested clients need only to call or email Lee Hicks (202-939-7627lhicks@whitman-walker.org) or Leonor Suarez (202-939-7630lsuarez@whitman-walker.org) to set up an appointment and for further information. Clinics are located at Whitman-Walker Health’s 1525 14th Street NW location.